The foul entity – an interview –

Interviewer: Hallo, everybody! Welcome to this episode of “medical views”. We have today an interesting topic that should deserve our attention. Let’s welcome our guest. Welcome back, Mr. Physician21, to our program.

Physician21: Thank you very much for this nice introduction. It is my pleasure to be here.

Interviewer: I think the topic of today have special importance as its name implies, ‘the foul entity’. How could you imagine it?

Physician 21: ‘The foul entity’ as I could imagine is a natural component of our world that can turn our life to a true hell. We people do not like to have problems but our life does need them, anyhow.

Interviewer: So, ‘the foul entity’ is the site or station where all devil would be knitted.

Physician21: Yes. That’s it.

Interviewer: You mean it implicitly that the problems we have in our lives would have similar patterns that can be foreseen in definite paths and models.

Physician21: You are right.

Interviewer: So, what is the significance of your view in attributing the entire devil to one thing, one station or one entity?

Physician21: The advantage is quadruple. First, you won’t handle people in some unpleasant situation but you consider a divinely present ‘foul entity’ that knit problems – by dimension – for our satisfaction. Second, here, people are only objectified in the course of ‘the foul entity’. Then, you ultimately do not condemn people who may or may not resolve any time. Third, according to that view problems – both from outside and from inside one’s self – can be better foreseen, received, interpreted and handled. Fourth, the existence of a ‘foul entity’ should lead to the belief in a much larger good ‘all’ that contains and maintains all good meanings and things. Of course, the attachment and belonging to such great good all would bring a great joy and relief every time one is aware of and protected from the bad effects of ‘the foul entity’.

Interviewer: This imagination sounds very beautiful when people do not condemn one another but only condemn the bad deeds and be aware of their divine source according to your view. How could ‘the foul entity’ affect someone in a bad way? And where would be the protection sought for?

Physician21: ‘The foul entity’ may work in different ways or models, for example, through the “bad chance” like when somebody calls you by mistake at midnight. In this case you should know it was not meant to bother you. The protection shields against the foul entity include, therefore, positive thinking, forgiveness, generosity, innocence, reflection, and good spirituality.

Interviewer: To summarize, ‘the foul entity’ as imagined by our guest is a natural component of our moral world that is needed to refine people’s ability and willingness to do well. So, it ultimately works for our benefit on the condition that we are able to divert its seemingly bad tricks and plots to the flourishing of our really good. Thank you very much, Mr. Physician 21, for this great idea.

Physician21: Thank you, Sir, for your extraordinary presentation.


The foul entity

All the cares and problems I had seem to come from one “thing”, one “structure”, one “entity”; let it be the foul entity. This is because the problems and the embarrassments would happen in a similar pattern: misunderstanding, different views, variation, misfortune and harmful chance. But what if our whole life is based on naughty working of such “bad entity”? Would this also be a bitter makeup of our world?

The world seems to me to be basically nicely sounding, happy, enchanting and fruitful. Let it be the skies, they look wonderful. The nature in Earth is also beautiful with peaceful plants and innocent animals. The good is by far much greater than the bad; the good all is much greater than the small foul entity. But apparently we people would not be likely to survive or to advance only in that vast good all and the existence of such small foul entity would be, therefore, necessary. We have to taste bitterness, feel pains and strive for values and good answers and responses.

When I do well I become more attached to the good all and more apart from the foul entity. The reverse is also true. Here, I no longer have problems with people who would do bad because they become merely a phenomenon of the working of a divine foul entity that would harm only susceptible people who are somehow not protected from its harmful effects. Those harms are all undesirable things we may have in this life like disease, cares, shortage of resources and disability.

There are definite and finite protection rules for happiness and satisfaction against the automatic working of the foul entity. These include forgiveness, innocence, generosity, hope and prayers for one’s and everybody’s health and wealth.

At this time I feel how great I would be, how important and how valued. As the good all would be on my side when I do well and good. I am not in charge to change badly doing somebody or some bad circumstances but I am ready to understand that it is all about help and hope to evade a continuously working foul entity for the sake of people’s benefit and advancement.

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Science vs. superstition

Is it true that science and superstition are two opponents? In fact science, as I can understand, relies only on well designed experiments that entails careful notes of settings, observations and conclusions in concern of a clear question. However, the spark of the scientific process as regard time and reason is out of one’s decision and settles a ground for superstition as an essential element in scientific performance. Superstition is that unfounded belief of supra human force(s) that influence our feelings, observations and experiences, isn’t it? The wonderful order, pattern and regularity of life and nature that is the common and ultimate constant of science speaks for superstition loudly enough as a starter and tracer for science. Those amazing and amusing pointer of perception’s illusion would even minimize scientific arrogance to the benefit of superstition. The longstanding game between science and superstition may once prove drawn.

Landing on self’s moon

landing on the self's moon

A wonder maybe perceived as such on the basis of its rarity rather than its fascination. For example, walking on own feet and seeing with own eyes are considered as basic provisions despite the marvelous coulisses of their occurrences. Being on board either on the land or in the air is also gradually becoming common sense though they were one day typical scenes of man’s sweet dreams. A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, though with varying impact and extent, is always the common subjective factor of all these customary wonders. The wonder is being perceived as such as it calls an inherent ability to judge and rank and as it touches a readily ignitable complement of perception. In conclusion, the wonderful things that attract our attention and awake our interest are not only wonderful in themselves but also they need to find their labile candidates of sufficient priming and attentive perception.
In the vestibules of self there should be the greatest wonder and the sweetest triumph. A pleasant glory may be sensible with some reflection and admirable faith rather than with a fanciful wealth and tiresome sophistications. A vector of passion and altruism, a cruise of generosity and forgiveness and a trajectory of hope and optimism make a brilliant path of self’s genius profile. This would be the moon one should land on first.

The word cures

the word cures

Has anyone thought ever what the best and cheapest cure could be? I might have got an answer: the word. It is the word that conveys love and respect; the word that spreads hope, light and warmth. Nothing in the world can do all this other than the good word. Should it have to do with pain or with some shortage and stress? Does the situation concern confidence and competence? Or were it a sweeping fear and unbearable doubt? I never wonder when one single word turns all this misery to delight and existence.

As a physician one might ask; what could a word do for an acute appendicitis or a heart attack? The answer, and hence the role of the word, will depend largely on the way one thinks. If one thinks of the blessings of the good word, the urgency of the situation would lessen quite enough so that a typical medical care would be optional or even superfluous. Because such extreme belief and sensitivity are always the exception, in the general practice the role of good word would be confined only to fulfill ethical and moral aspects of the cure art.

What could the word do, on the other hand, when used badly? A bad word might obscure light, steal hope and threaten talent. A bad word might impair and impede the mind, mislead the aims and spoil the potentials. Even, renal colic, stroke or lost temperance, for example, might be precipitated by one bad word said with or without intention. In other words, the cost of word misuse in our life might far exceed the inevitable losses caused by labor, thoughtfulness and care we invest to achieve our existence and satisfaction. That’s why we should train ourselves to best use our word treasure as much as we are keen on taking courses to improve our work and professional skills.

Who believes in the beneficence of word, might look a bit different, because in an increasingly materialized life a brilliantly good word might be overlooked. But when every kind of medicine and manipulation may be insufficient for cure and relief, then one may reconsider the good word as the best and cheapest cure.

Life, a love story

life, a love story
One day there were two brothers, Dyno and Ryno, who had one sister, Pyra. The three were so much good and loved each other so much. They enjoyed their lives playing, singing and discovering. The only thing that was disturbing for them is that they were endangered by many instabilities and accidents happening here and there without the least sign or warning. They were therefore not a few times seen crying and excited. The three could however catch themselves and play, sing and discover.

Dyno was the least active among the three but also the most patient and decent. Ryno was midway between Dyno and Pyra. The latter being the most active, courageous and clever. The two boys and the girl were therefore much consolidated and could complete each other. The roles were well assigned to each member. Pyra was probing everything she sees and touches, Ryno redoes what Pyra shown him with almost great affinity, and Dyno writes down the notice with a wonderful hand writing and illustration. The record was increasing day after day and the three lovers’ enthusiasm and excitement was growing too.

Pyra was so much proud of her discovery “the glycolysis soup”. She could earn her two brothers forever as they shared it together in a wonderful evening where all stars in the sky were so big and bright. Ryno could make himself little useful by reminding Pyra that it was he who helped her understand the essence of her irresistible soup. Dyno on the other hand by his decentness and provocative patience had no need to compliment himself. Pyra was for the two boys the wonder that made their lives meaningful and living worthy. Not only fascinated by the receipts she can discover and formulate but also by the amazing plays, games and tricks that shocked them sometimes.

They were spending much time playing in their wind-speedy circle that they called Krebs cycle after the name of a story they liked of their mom. Pyra discovered a track like a double way rail which they agreed to call glycolysis which was also connected by very amusing chamber of lusty experience which they named hexose monophosphate headway. While running in the Krebs cycle they tasted a sour taste of different degrees which was much tricky and pleasant than any similar taste in the many snacks that Pyra could make. They had only to take care not to fall out of the circle into a fool smelling square named the urea niche.

In this way enjoyed the three good kids their lives, playing, singing and discovering. Their pleasure rises and their fear rises too because of the endless dangers they see around them. In a calm night when the sky was clear and full of big and shiny stars they sat thinking how to protect themselves and the super wonderful life they could grasp and enjoy.

Pyra: I cannot help myself any more when I just imagine that we may not be here in just a blink of an eye.
Ryno: yes, you have right dear Pyra. It is very painful like that.
Pyra: You, Dyno. Don’t you have an idea?
Dyno: Of course there should be an idea, Pyra, even we do not know it for now. I think it would be a well deserved gift for you as you made our lives so meaningful and living worthy. There should be an idea.
Pyra: thank you for your optimism, Dyno. You are a wonderful brother too.
Ryno: you both are so kind. I may have found it. Pyra, you are the best discoverer and Dyno is the best archive clerk. Do not you see that we have every rule and every matter around us so finely and wisely defined and set? We have only to find the way how to perpetuate these settings including ourselves so that our lives extend and the fun and joy we made stand for as long as it could be.
Pyra: Great, Ryno. I guess your talent is toady in peak form.
Ryno: Very fortunately, dear Pyra. As Dyno has just said, it would be a well deserved gift for you.

The three kids took a deep breath, relaxed their bodies and closed their eyes. Wonderful silence filled the scene except for the shines of star light blessing the kids roaming in the seek for the life they liked. They opened their eyes in the same moment, smiled in the faces of each other and said: let’s do it.

Pyra: eeeh my dear Dyno, my dear Ryno!
Ryno: yes, the best Pyra I have ever known.
Dyno: the notices I have here wish to be blown!
Pyra: mais, no. mais, no. the cell is drawn.
Ryno: the cell will be two, the two be four!
Dyno: so nice, the notices I have are just and more.
I am here just for this honor!
Ryno: I am too, will serve in the labor.
And make the fun reach every place.
Pyra: so nice, I am proud of you both.
And I will never be tired to play and roar!
Pyra, Ryno and Dyno: live long life and let our love reach every place.