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Home medical care

To start with, let’s agree about the places where medical care can be given, namely home, social community and a kind of medical service like hospital. The word home – in the broad sense – implies feelings of assurance, safety and comfort and also can lighten the impact of being in need for a certain medical care or having a special health condition. This is why it is important to let every patient to choose where medical care can be given as long as different options are possible. Home medical care would be the preferable option for patients who would need care for long periods and especially for sick elderly people.

Is HMC the trend of medical care in the future? With some reflection we can realize the unique benefits of home medical care for both the patient and the care giver. These include close and sustainable medical observation, good patient/caregiver relationship, accurate and reliable medical notice registration, easy, organized, and responsible communication between medical care givers and patient, and cheap and affordable care packages dependent on time and level of the given care. It is thus obvious that home medical care can entail a few caregivers with different levels of knowledge or specialties and can, therefore, offer best chance for medical care of the patient, from one side, and exchange of knowledge among care givers who would at best communicate timely and speedily through common internet facilities. Such proposed tree of medical care givers in home medical care can also accommodate as many as possible of newly and even older graduated doctors and assistants who otherwise lose much time to find suitable jobs and training opportunities.

The wished advancement of medical care will not be achieved only by investment in medical research seeking for better treatments and diagnostics but also through the establishment of working health care options and resources and readily accessible medical knowledge and training.