Like everything we evolve and think now about a sponsorship schedule. This blog at its beginning in 2012 was thought to fulfill an ethical purpose (here you find a relevant post). At this point the author thinks to move a step forward to bring a quite useful site for lay people in general and learners in particular.

The intended aim of the blog is to present health and medical knowledge in a simple and working way that can eventually form a new health and medical line gathering the past, the present and the future in one beautiful and ordered collection. I would therefore expect more traffic along side with more useful and nice posting. In this way the sponsorship will be used.

Who can be a sponsor?

I would like to have sponsorship contract/agreement with establishments that work in relevant fields of health and medicine; these can also include book makers, clothing, shoes makers etc.

Sponsorship outlines

The author can have/call for sponsorship requests for any of 3 terms, each consists of 4 months, per year as follows:

Year opening term: Jan.-Apr.

Year middle term: May-Aug.

Year closing term: Sep.-Dec.

The sponsorship agreement should be made at least one month before the wished sponsorship term. While the sponsorship amount is set at 900 USD per a given term of 4 months.

Sponsorship persuasion

A sponsor will consider these points to support our blog as official sponsor for a given term:

1- Our blog presents useful posts about health, medicine and life that would work positively on community and education.

2- The author can have a respectful view of medical practice and teaching that would make this blog an impactful site for medicine and science.

3- A sponsor can seek in our blog an increased awareness of lay people and professionals as well of their field of activity, services, contributions and demands. This can be achieved by suggestions by the sponsor; however, we think to do this on sponsor’s request through posting 3 times about their field of work and their contributions in unbiased and objective way from our point of view.

4- On their request, a sponsor of a given term can have their luogo, e.g, in the blog widgets during the sponsorship term.

5- Sponsorships will be acknowledged on this page.

Thank you for your kind interest and great support.

The author,

Mustafa El Sherbini