Medlever School of Medicine

In this page I wish to present topics that are directly needed by medical students and can be included in medical curricula.

1) Human dignity is where to start

2) The medical care is no miracle

3) The two feet of a physician: discipline and science

4) The Collegial attitude

5) The medical sense

6) Teamwork and multidisciplinary project

7) Life hierarchies and patterns

8) The modern human: Homo sapiens

9) Botanics and medicinal plants

10) Water

11) Human diseases

12) Medical milestones

13) Medical philosophical schools

14) Medically-relevant religious and cultural rituals

15) Medical emergency

16) Personalized and precision medicine

17) Medical records

18) Family medicine

19) Medical visit

20) Genetic counseling

21) Medical rehabilitation

22) Mental and psychiatric diseases

23) Internal medicine

24) Anesthesia

25) Aging and rejuvenation

26) The metabolic syndrome

27) Diabetes

28) Hypertension

29) Allergy and atopy

30) The human genome and epigenome

31) The cell biology and biochemistry

32) Human physiology and evolution

33) Clinical biochemistry

34) Epidemiology

35) Neonate and child health care

36) Medical consult on phone