human performance chain

In a shooting target shape, here are 3 couples of human characters shown. Let’s call them the human performance character pairs. They can also be seen as a multilayer ball with matter outermost, wisdom innermost, and other things in between (the human needs shell-ball). Matter is the starting point. We have to look after our material properties so that we would have then the propensity to look after our love, knowledge, sense, passion and our wisdom too.

This blog took me a lot of time and effort to maintain since 2012 with the hope I am offering fine and interesting topics to medical students in essence. Meanwhile, I thought what kind of profession I was to do in life. I went to medical courses for 6 years and have a “qualified” medical doctor license. I had then the opportunity to learn about scientific work, protocols and medical research. I think I do all this in a rather ordinary way, yet with unique personal touch. This is because I do not just mimic or duplicate other’s work for the sake of time, effort and respect.

I would like to thank everybody who would take time to look at my work, writes a comment, sends a like or whatever sign as a response or follows this blog. Thank you for everybody who supported me in the past time that I would consider my work readable and noteworthy. Let’s try again to tackle the medical profession quite personally about “medical tacts and talents” with your kind help and support.




Here you can view my profile at research gate. View my profile and contact info at this link: http://en.gravatar.com/physician21

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