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Yoghurt bread

It has a quite different taste than the usual bread in which we use only water to bake our flour. In yoghurt bread we use milk yoghurt (liquid yoghurt) instead of water, indeed some water also in addition yoghurt I prefer to use so that the dough is little softer.
The ingredients:

– All purpose flour

– Milk yoghurt (liquid yoghurt)

– Some water

– Little vegetable oil

– Little black seed or fennel seeds or anise seeds (optional)


– In a suitable pot bake the amount of all purpose flour (about 250-300 gm), and add some dry baking yeast to it.

– Add yoghurt milk little by little until the consistency of your dough is quite tough. Then, add little water (about 1/4 glass) and treat your dough for a few minutes.

– Put little vegetable oil in your hand and add it to the dough and treat it again for a few minutes.

– Cover your dough, and let it ferment for about 30-45 minutes.

– Preheat your oven to 200-250 C.

– In a dry suitable vessel put 3 drops of vegetable oil and spread them on the floor. Then, put the dough in that vessel and flatten it surface by your fingers.

– Let it to rest for 15 minutes.

– Use a knife to mark your bake into pieces.

– Spread very little black seed, fennel or anise seed on the top (optional)

– Put your bake in the oven and watch as it is slowly baked.

Enjoy your yoghurt bread with hot drink, spread cheese, jam, or whatever you like 🙂

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