in-the-point (poems and essays)

Constrain the individual variability

The impact and efficiency of medical courses’ curricula can be estimated with respect to their insight to assure minimal influence of normal individual variability among the students. Such individual variations include social rank, family conditions, memorization potential, language mastering, personality and communication skills, motives, study sources and resources, and ethical background.

Besides the realization of well qualified and adequately trained medical graduates those quality- and formation-directed curricula will save money and time on the side of the medical institution and on the graduate’s side as well, with the latter being at much ease; safe and secured, to achieve well defined and scalar learning objectives and practical skills.

Here are some suggestions to achieve transparent and inspiring medical courses’ plan:

1) additional learning hours for small groups (15 at maximum).

2) regular students-directed group discussions.

3) continuously changing and randomly assigned students’ study groups.

4) offering optional subjects and topics.

5) ‘answers on demand desk’ where answer sheets can be obtained for free.

6) assistant-guided learning and skill check list.

7) acknowledged available textbooks and study-references.

It is to be emphasized that minimizing the effect of individual variation among students through precise and efficient curriculum tailoring aims at ensuring proper education and training of candidates with better investment and encouragement for their personal views and creativities.

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