in-the-point (poems and essays)

The dog is dying

the dog is dying You are not quite sure about the seriousness of the situation. He or she was sitting (lying) at the platform among street wastes that made his or her demarcation largely difficult. The animal looked in stress opening his or her mouth and shaking the head with lusterless skin and weakened body. (Come, look at that dog, it is dying!), I sought for help in two young boys. “It seems unlikely to find help in this running way with few people and no near water”, I thought. I am not fond of animals but only grasp the meaning of life or some of its aspects in them. Indeed, animals make me some worries because I don’t know much about their characteristics. It took me about half an hour or so to get a plastic pot and three water bottles to show solidarity with that suffering dog sitting alone with no fellow or friend. The water was too late to be offered as the dog lay flat with only head tremors; a sorrowful emergency theme (coma or succumbing to death). Animals looked to me to have quite little resistance to medical emergency situations and as they lose consciousness their rescuing may not be very feasible. Veterinary and human medicines should have a lot to do with each other. The basic sciences of the two should be quite similar and they should have common basics in the treatments and problem solving. Such an observation or assumption may need to be considered in the medical study courses. For examples, more emphasis should be given to animal and plant biology in the human side and sufficient knowledge about human in the veterinary side. The animal/human medical interaction should be paid more focus that should help medical competence in the two kinds of medicines. Moreover, the rescuing and good doing should have the same extent of nobility, professionalism and pleasure in case the recipient were an animal or human.

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