in-the-point (poems and essays)

If I were a woman

if I were a woman
If I were a woman I would dwell in a case of secrecy and fancy. I wouldn’t count the time or money it would take an irresistible womanhood type, being fully confident that such a woman kind not existing. A prototype maniac person I would be; talkative, impulsive and hysterical. I wouldn’t think once to defend my inherent ingenuity or defeat my frank foolishness. As for love, I would not love any person at all inclusive my respectful Dad whom I would call my Boss. I would prefer to be broad minded and understanding rather than a warm and charming lover because the latter case can be misinterpreted or very scarcely reacted upon.
If I were a woman I would think I am a proprietary organism with invaluable bestowments and resources. I would strive for the genuine secret of cure and enchantment with a smile and compliment. I would be like a sun full of kindness and wouldn’t need a sign of thankfulness in return. I would eat as if I never get hungry like a bee that kisses flowers and snatches the aromas. I will never talk about rules, ethics, decentness or science because I would not be a volunteer human instructor.
If I were a woman I would teach my kids to call me princess as early as the preschool time. I would choose a secret nickname, a rather old one given to a man. Only one or two persons would learn this secret name that I would make public in may private diary. I would not teach my kids I have rights upon them but wish they are responsible for themselves. I would not press over others being the weak needy lady or dream of the hero who would steal me on a white horse. I would rather be the one who would make such heroes. I would not be contented with a man who shows respect or fondness to claimed opposite sex but is still too shy to address his faults and weakness. If I were a woman; am I not? – Fortunately, no.

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