in-the-point (poems and essays)

Sensible incoherence

1- Who will not learn while asleep, will not learn while awake.
2- Who will not learn for the less, will not learn for the more.
3- A scientist is a priest who meditates in the lab.
4- Sin is theft.
5- Deprivation is worse than hunger.
6- Keep learning and stay young.
7- A war is not over until enemy has become a friend.
8- No escape without fine intuition and good intention.
9- A good intention is made obvious by a better means.
10- One door for bad can close 100 doors for good and the reverse is true.
11- Renovation is it.
12- Love is a mystery that haloes the good work.
13- Light is perceived rather than received.
14- Who is not burnt by fire is almost dead.
15- The sacred truth.