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10 Best Tips to Sleep Better.

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Sleep better is one of the basic and most important for healthy life. We already post an article on Health and Fitness Tips before. Good sleep strategies are essential to deep, restorative sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health and well-being. It gives your body time and energy to recover from the day’s stresses, and to stay sharp and focused each day. Without it, our bodies and our minds operate at progressively lower levels. We’ll show you how to make the most of a night, and get the sleep better you need. Here are  top 10 Best Tips to Sleep Better, faster, getting quality rest, and waking up easier in the morning. Not the best but at least can help other to get rest well.

Set a Bedtime.

Go to bed and get up at the same…

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The kitchen – an intro

For me the kitchen was and is still a sign of luxury and richness. That is the concerned place where an elegant oven and large granite bench with wood cupboard and many machines and cooking tools and equipments. This would be a typical kitchen as the word would mean.  Although not everybody may be warranted such opportunity, the fondness of cooking and making healthy and good recipes seems to be inherent to some people regardless their financial and socioeconomic level. Cooking is an art, talent and science. The most noticeable reason why some people cook well, in my opinion, is that they really like it. These people are greatly good-spirited, generous and kind.

Being a science the cooking relies on the philosophy of promoting health on both spiritual and bodily levels. The eye eats, and so does the nose. It is not surprising to notice that the healthy food fulfills three basic criteria, a good shape, a good smell and a good taste. Accordingly, the food must comply with the current needs of the individual as whether to maintain good energy supply, exceptionally higher vitamins or to help overcome some illness. Indeed, such awareness of the healthy food and the diet manipulations that suit the different health and disease conditions should make a very valued difference in leading a happy and successful life. The term lifestyle is becoming more and more familiar and implies the impact of the usual life activities such as food, movement and free time on one’s health and happiness. In the past when people used to eat almost raw and little processed food and when they worked almost manually from the dawn to the sunset, they enjoyed much healthier and maybe also lengthier lives.

That is why deciding to cook and make food is a quite serious thing. It is even not less serious than conducting an experiment in the laboratory; kitchen safety, strict cleaning, cooking bench, work plan, time monitor, good observation, assessing results, feedback and continuous refinement. The question is not that one would be a professional cook but more to consider healthy food to maintain health and help overcome illness and as a means of fun for those who like doing it by themselves.

Tip: Cook only when you have the sufficient energy all through the whole job and of course when you have the good mood for cooking.

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Sensible incoherence

1- Who will not learn while asleep, will not learn while awake.
2- Who will not learn for the less, will not learn for the more.
3- A scientist is a priest who meditates in the lab.
4- Sin is theft.
5- Deprivation is worse than hunger.
6- Keep learning and stay young.
7- A war is not over until enemy has become a friend.
8- No escape without fine intuition and good intention.
9- A good intention is made obvious by a better means.
10- One door for bad can close 100 doors for good and the reverse is true.
11- Renovation is it.
12- Love is a mystery that haloes the good work.
13- Light is perceived rather than received.
14- Who is not burnt by fire is almost dead.
15- The sacred truth.