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Life, a love story

life, a love story
One day there were two brothers, Dyno and Ryno, who had one sister, Pyra. The three were so much good and loved each other so much. They enjoyed their lives playing, singing and discovering. The only thing that was disturbing for them is that they were endangered by many instabilities and accidents happening here and there without the least sign or warning. They were therefore not a few times seen crying and excited. The three could however catch themselves and play, sing and discover.

Dyno was the least active among the three but also the most patient and decent. Ryno was midway between Dyno and Pyra. The latter being the most active, courageous and clever. The two boys and the girl were therefore much consolidated and could complete each other. The roles were well assigned to each member. Pyra was probing everything she sees and touches, Ryno redoes what Pyra shown him with almost great affinity, and Dyno writes down the notice with a wonderful hand writing and illustration. The record was increasing day after day and the three lovers’ enthusiasm and excitement was growing too.

Pyra was so much proud of her discovery “the glycolysis soup”. She could earn her two brothers forever as they shared it together in a wonderful evening where all stars in the sky were so big and bright. Ryno could make himself little useful by reminding Pyra that it was he who helped her understand the essence of her irresistible soup. Dyno on the other hand by his decentness and provocative patience had no need to compliment himself. Pyra was for the two boys the wonder that made their lives meaningful and living worthy. Not only fascinated by the receipts she can discover and formulate but also by the amazing plays, games and tricks that shocked them sometimes.

They were spending much time playing in their wind-speedy circle that they called Krebs cycle after the name of a story they liked of their mom. Pyra discovered a track like a double way rail which they agreed to call glycolysis which was also connected by very amusing chamber of lusty experience which they named hexose monophosphate headway. While running in the Krebs cycle they tasted a sour taste of different degrees which was much tricky and pleasant than any similar taste in the many snacks that Pyra could make. They had only to take care not to fall out of the circle into a fool smelling square named the urea niche.

In this way enjoyed the three good kids their lives, playing, singing and discovering. Their pleasure rises and their fear rises too because of the endless dangers they see around them. In a calm night when the sky was clear and full of big and shiny stars they sat thinking how to protect themselves and the super wonderful life they could grasp and enjoy.

Pyra: I cannot help myself any more when I just imagine that we may not be here in just a blink of an eye.
Ryno: yes, you have right dear Pyra. It is very painful like that.
Pyra: You, Dyno. Don’t you have an idea?
Dyno: Of course there should be an idea, Pyra, even we do not know it for now. I think it would be a well deserved gift for you as you made our lives so meaningful and living worthy. There should be an idea.
Pyra: thank you for your optimism, Dyno. You are a wonderful brother too.
Ryno: you both are so kind. I may have found it. Pyra, you are the best discoverer and Dyno is the best archive clerk. Do not you see that we have every rule and every matter around us so finely and wisely defined and set? We have only to find the way how to perpetuate these settings including ourselves so that our lives extend and the fun and joy we made stand for as long as it could be.
Pyra: Great, Ryno. I guess your talent is toady in peak form.
Ryno: Very fortunately, dear Pyra. As Dyno has just said, it would be a well deserved gift for you.

The three kids took a deep breath, relaxed their bodies and closed their eyes. Wonderful silence filled the scene except for the shines of star light blessing the kids roaming in the seek for the life they liked. They opened their eyes in the same moment, smiled in the faces of each other and said: let’s do it.

Pyra: eeeh my dear Dyno, my dear Ryno!
Ryno: yes, the best Pyra I have ever known.
Dyno: the notices I have here wish to be blown!
Pyra: mais, no. mais, no. the cell is drawn.
Ryno: the cell will be two, the two be four!
Dyno: so nice, the notices I have are just and more.
I am here just for this honor!
Ryno: I am too, will serve in the labor.
And make the fun reach every place.
Pyra: so nice, I am proud of you both.
And I will never be tired to play and roar!
Pyra, Ryno and Dyno: live long life and let our love reach every place.

basic medical sciences

Medical Biochemistry, a hierarchy

medical biochemistry hierarchy
This post has the intention to help medical students to learn medical Biochemistry in an organized and reasonably planned way. It may provide an interesting introduction trial that is largely personal. Learners of other scientific branches may be also interested by this kind of presentation.

1 predetermination, projection
Projection is used to denote that the characteristics and phenomena exhibited by a single cell may be also noticed in some way in the whole organism. Example: the cell perceives and the organism also perceives.

2 prerequisites, integration and responsiveness
Integration means that the many different compartments and processes in the cell work in a harmony. The cell responds to both external and internal signals, i.e. responsiveness.

3 processes, order, special function and reproduction
Order is the hallmark for any living system and is the utmost goal for every vital process to keep a dynamic steady state. A cell has almost always a special function, e.g. formation of urea by a liver cell (hepatocyte). Cell division is the counterpart for reproduction at the whole organism’s level.

4 concepts, structure-function relationship, thermodynamics laws, non-covalent bonding, and activation-driven change
A function is almost always ascribed to a particular structure, i.e. structure-function relationship, e.g. in proteins. The likelihood for a biochemical process or species to occur can be explained by thermodynamics laws. Non-covalent chemical bonding is wonderful means to permit biochemical structures and changes. Many biochemical processes are initiated through investment of energy, i.e. activation-driven change.

5 central metabolic pathways
Glycolysis (cleavage of glucose), HMP (hexose monophosphate) pathway, TCA (tricarboxylic acid) cycle, cellular respiration (electron transport chain) and fatty acid synthesis and degradation may be good examples.

6 phenomena, shuttling, isomerism, centrality, symmetry, cyclicity, and vital mirroring
Shuttling is needed when biological membranes allow only some biochemical species to pass in or out.
Isomerism means certain spatial orientation of atoms or chemical groups in a given chemical species.
Centrality means the assignment to some key molecule to perform a given role, e.g. glutamate in amino acid metabolism.
Symmetry is important biochemical phenomenon, e.g. in the structure of some biochemical species.
Cyclicity is shown in many changes that take the form of a cycle, e.g. TCA cycle.
Vital mirroring is meant to denote certain biochemical changes on the different sides of biological membranes, e.g. food digest in the intestinal lumen and the contents of portal vein blood.


Cherchez la stagnation

cherchez la stagnation
Stagnation is a non-medical word that may form a basis for a myriad of medical problems. The human health is dependent on a balance between seemingly opposite processes like wear and tear, and production and disposal. Stagnation in this medical context may manifest clinically as bodily and/or psychic illness such as abdominal pain and headache or anxiety and fears, respectively. Here are examples of medically relevant stagnations: emotional, creational, moral, social, physical, sexual, and instant.

Emotionally stagnant person is one who can’t express his/her feeling and thoughts. Creation includes free thinking, learning and bringing ideas into light. Morally stagnant persons are those who insist to do good while they miss support or encouragement from other people. Social prosperity is a matter of acceptance, tolerance, equality and fairness. A body that moves either by doing manual work or sports is likely to be physically cheered. Sexual stagnation may occur due to lack of regular and satisfactory relationship. By instant stagnation I mean a physical disease like biliary or urinary obstruction.

A good physician should consider the pivotal role of “stagnation” in health derangement and learn about the means of its detection and repair.

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How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for non-scientists

Violent metaphors

Update (1/3/18) I’ve been overwhelmed with requests for the shorter guide, and the email address below no longer works. So I’ve uploaded a copy of the guide for anyone to download and share here: How to read and understand a scientific article. Please feel free to use it however you wish (although I’d appreciate being credited as the author). I apologize to everyone who emailed me and didn’t get a response! If you would like to let me know who you are and what you’re using it for in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

Update (8/30/14): I’ve written a shorter version of this guide for teachers to hand out to their classes. If you’d like a PDF, shoot me an email: jenniferraff (at) utexas (dot) edu.

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