in-the-point (poems and essays)

Love is made

Love is a sweet sensation that makes every burden and effort as pleasant and joyful as wandering in a beautiful green park with trees and perfumed fresh air. Love is a basic need for everyone, a feeling of being precious, unique and wonderful to somebody. It means also a vision of beauty, peace and perfection everywhere. I think that successful and great people have all experienced great love as they were inspired their amazingly fine visions. In this regard, a rule may prove right that is the more one loves, the better and finer one becomes.

Love is not gifted or found. It would then be a matter of chance whether one loves or not or whether one is loved or not.  But love is to be made and looked after in all consciousness and with all care and for all the time. Waiting for a reward for one’s love by being loved back is a shallow idea about love. This is because the direct and soon reward for love is that satisfaction and relief one has on making an obscure love evident. Being loved back is quite unforeseen and may need long times to ensue. Love expression is a skill that one should discover, learn and further. It entails many characters and principles like praising high morals, faith, respect, courage, and self-confidence.

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