in-the-point (poems and essays)

Sex-free life

The title of this essay proposes the existence of life in the absence of sexual phenomena or acts. Such a proposal is hard to imagine as sex with its tools provides an essential drive for life. At least at the level of the living organisms or creatures sexual capacity is the often praised fortune and quality. An interesting notion in this context is that the amazing beauty provided by flowering plants is nothing but a wonderful carnival in a natural and saintly ceremony for sex. Thus, for most, if not all, forms of the living life sexual phenomena, tools and acts should represent a mechanistic approach for natural welfare and balance that may ensure the continuity of the living world.

The pleasure provided by sexual act may, therefore, be a faulty and misleading interpretation for the essence of the process. Such instant pleasure may be merely a favorable element in an act that aims ultimately to refine and enhance one’s moral and physical performance.

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