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The complexity of human make-up makes health care and life advancement a much bigger deal to be achieved through medicines and up-to-date diagnostic tools. In this regard, an appreciable insight and competent awareness of one’s path; priorities, advantages and dangers, do have the word. Indeed, man’s fortune or misfortune is the outcome of quite small and fine details that would be almost overlooked.

Lingomania, as I wish to present here, is a notable interest in languages. It is a state of being cheered and contented by studying and practicing language with a sort of creation or an art. People who have this inherent tendency are intellectually gifted and tend to be devoted and sociable. Indeed, written and spoken languages are among the high functions necessary for every creative man-made work. In the drawing above, I suppose a direct proportionality between the intellectual capacity and the number of mastered languages. This notion might prove right and useful in enhancing one’s learning ability or even positively affect the moral and physical health states.

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Of course when we talk about life we consider this type of conditional life defined by time and place. Although death is literally opposite to life, it may be a reason that life exists and continues. An apparently dead seed, for example, may give life on favorable climatic, water and soil conditions. A living matter is essentially capable of maintaining its confinement and defies to equilibrate with the surrounding. In addition to this confinement property it can impart certain chemical change to its surrounding and/or propagate itself as faithfully as possible. Philosophically speaking, life may be explained in three orders: atomic, molecular and organismal. On this philosophical assumption, there is only life that exists.

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Sex-free life

The title of this essay proposes the existence of life in the absence of sexual phenomena or acts. Such a proposal is hard to imagine as sex with its tools provides an essential drive for life. At least at the level of the living organisms or creatures sexual capacity is the often praised fortune and quality. An interesting notion in this context is that the amazing beauty provided by flowering plants is nothing but a wonderful carnival in a natural and saintly ceremony for sex. Thus, for most, if not all, forms of the living life sexual phenomena, tools and acts should represent a mechanistic approach for natural welfare and balance that may ensure the continuity of the living world.

The pleasure provided by sexual act may, therefore, be a faulty and misleading interpretation for the essence of the process. Such instant pleasure may be merely a favorable element in an act that aims ultimately to refine and enhance one’s moral and physical performance.

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The best age to get married

Getting married is one of the most influential events in man’s life. Apart from its fate or results being married should add indispensible value on both practical/ethical and personal/subjective levels. There are things to be learned from marriage and would never be learnt by any other kind of humanistic relationship. These things are feelings, concepts and facts with physical, moral and intellectual elements in one package. Indeed, marriage empowers one’s capabilities proportionately to his/her sentiments and moral ideal. The social significance of marriage is therefore well deserved in a way likened to a social birth certificate. As mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph, even those who had to experience varying degrees of unhappy marital life are impressively lucky. Unhappy marriages would inevitably rescue their “victims” from hampering naivety of solo life style by solving questions related to secret marital affairs and an equally crucial one of financial independence. In this shadow of thinking one may compare the favor done by parents in bringing up their children to that of parents in-law in caring about marriage of their kids.

Marriage decision and accomplishment, besides its complexity and individuality, is an absolute divine destiny. People get attracted to each other via unseen waves that may denote their marital compatibility. The perception of such personal cipher is feasible as long as interferences through unfair subjective considerations can be excluded. Nonetheless, quite great changes in the perceived personal wave cipher may occur and here are passion, devotion and altruism the keyword. Some persons insist on finding their dream marriage partner in a spontaneous high moral attitude. Such a condition should arouse their interest and curiosity as well. Anyhow, cheer up, dear and try to make the best of yourself and cheer up again for it is destiny and nothing other than destiny.