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Moral Health Pits.

What should “games” add to this medical blog? They may attract more people especially those who do not have medical background or interests. Of course, posting an interesting item for the public may not be an easy job, but the question always is how fine and useful that idea or post could be.

Indeed, computer games did give me here some inspiration. Now with some reflection, playing games may have healthy aspects other than spending a pleasant time. Let’s discover this view together.


Moral problems can negatively affect our health either directly or indirectly. By moral problems I mean bad habits (e.g. cigarette smoking), weak morals (e.g. inpatience) and illogical thinking (e.g. unreasoned fear). Indeed, such moral problems may pave the way for a punch of psycological illnesses and bodily diseases as well. “Moral Health Pits” will focus light on health and personal threatening moral pits and may thereby alarm us not to fall in those pits or even to help get out of them.


Many players are expected to share in the game, but for necessity reasons a single player may also be practical.

Mode of the game

The mode is quite flexible where face masks, pictures or name cards can be used. Of course, game computerizing is also fine.


Each participant player would blindly choose a number of cards, each showing a certain moral pit. Then, a dialogue will be played for each problem separately, as follows:

Patient: Help me come out.

Helper: What is wrong with you?

Patient: I lie. I am a liar.

Helper: Have you been long there?

Patient: Yes, dear. A few years or so.

Helper: I would help with pleasure, but say one reason why do you need help.

Patient: Well. Lying is a bad thing that puts me deep down. I want be really up.

Helper: That’s fine. You are out and congratulations, dear.


The player has a health credit of 100 at the beginning of the game. The sum of harm potentials of the concerned moral pits (drawn blindly by the player) is subtracted from the initial health credit. After solving a certain pit its potential is added positively to the actual health credit. By the end of this game round the health credit should be 100.

Moral health pits (their harm potential)

1- Eating unduly much (-5).

2- Going to bed unduly too late (-5).

3- Waking up unduly late (-10).

4- Systematically delaying jobs to a later time  (-10).

5- Not dare to learn new good things (-10).

6- Not having a plan (-15).

7- Undue pessimism (-15).

8- Unreasoned fear (-20).

9- Lack of interest (-20 ).

10- Obcessions (-20).

11- Nervousness (-20).

12- Rashness (-30 ).

13- Self understimation (-30).

14- Unreasoned passion, irrealistic (-35).

15- Always find others to blame for any fault (-40).

16- Self overstimation and self admiration (-40).

17- Bad smoking habits (-40).

18- Stealing objects or money (-45)

19- Materialistic attitude (-45).

20- Tricky attiude (-50).

21- Denying favors by others (-50).

22- Feeling jealous to others’ success (-55).

23- Having hate to someone (-55).

24- Think to revenge (-60).

25- Being guiltily sexually minded (-60).

26- Negative attitude (-60 ).

27- Telling lies (-70).

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