Emotional whirl

It is not a secret to blame emotional state for one’s health problems and deranged productivity. Yet, the implication of that emotional aberrance or “whirl” may be more than it could be thought of particularly in naturally oversensitive and intellectual persons. In an extreme adoption of this emotional perspective of human health a considerably large sector of psychic, psychosomatic and mental illnesses may no longer be considered as abnormal.

A reliable key to interprete some physical complaint, e.g weakness or fatigue, or unusual feeling like lostness as being of emotional origin is that it would happen unexpectedly, i.e. out of situational context, and there could be also several unrelated complaints. For people who are unaware of such emotional basis of these health phenomena the situation may be embarrasing enough and undue management may be made, when assurance and a glass of normal water could be the best thing to offer.

An emotional whirl – as I am trying to name overflooding emotions here – may take quite different forms. The person may have insomnia, loss of appetite, some headaches, and other things one may find in a psychiatric textbook. Once possible organic (?) causes can be excluded by the qualified doctor, appropriate life style and social manibulation should be very helpful and the person enjoys a happy and productive life very proudly.

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