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The Lucky Gatherer

What should “games” add to this medical blog? They may attract more people especially those who do not have medical background or interests. Of course, posting an interesting item for the public may not be an easy job, but the question always is how fine and useful that idea or post could be.

Indeed, computer games did give me here some inspiration. Now with some reflection, playing games may have healthy aspects other than spending a pleasant time. Let’s discover this view together.


A healthy human should not only keep defending against bad things that would make disease and discomfort but also have the initiative that would help achieving goals like enjoying agreable social life and making his/ her own family. Here, this game “The Lucky Gatherer” would help us understand and appreciate this aspect.


Many players are expected to share in the game, but for necessity reasons a single player may also be practical.

Mode of the game

The mode is quite flexible where face masks, pictures or name cards can be used. Of course, game computerizing is also fine.


The lucky gatherer will walk around, or even travel or fly to quite distant lands, in very different and contrasting nice and attractive places, e.g. garden, shops, parks, cafes, etc. The rewrads and surprises gathered in each place will depend on the appropriate qualities the lucky gatherer would think of within 3 seconds.


The player has a fortune of zero at the beginning of the game. Gathering 5-45 points means unsatisfactory; 50-85 considerable; and 90-100 big fortune and winning the game.

Qualities (their benefit potential); and example of a corresponding situation

1- A shining smile (+5); on walking up in the morning.

2- A nice body language (+5); on giving a speech at work-place.

3- Simply and elegantly dressed (+5); on going out for shopping.

4- Teeth brushed few days ago but still fine (+5); on going for an appointment.

5- Voice is full of courage and passion (+10); on talking to somebody.

6- Help needy people even when not asked for help (+10); in a public transport vehicle.

7- Being a good listener (+10); somebody introduces him/herself.

8- Give complement in right time and place (+10); during a conversation.

9- Give opinion openly, quietly and politely (+10); a discussion with family members.

10- Share mind  in public, quietly and politely (+10); a discussion in service auto.

11- Being interested in people (+15); in the work place.

12- Have personal demands always in mind (+15); on going out in a picknic.

13- Think of many things together but do one at a time (+15); on going out for a visit.

14- Keep notes for plans and ideas and revise these regularly (+15); in the rest time.

15- Can live alone but like to have companions (+20); in daily life activity.

16- Have a good access to outside world (+20); on dealing with customers.

17- Read effectively (+20); in free time.

18- Know other languages (+20); on watching TV.

19- Have high work/time efficiency (+20); in daily life activity.

20- Able to learn and advance (+20); on deciding for a new job.

21- Learning from past mistakes (+25); on dealing with other people .

22- Benefit from point of views of others (+25); on doing professional tasks.

23- Work on understanding own needs (+25); on choosing a partner.

24- Keen on priorities and work on them timely (+25); in a shopping.

25- Making decision in time and accomodate consequences (+30); on guessing your interest in somebody/ something.

26- See well around and grasp quickly place and time provisions (+40); on attending a social ceremony.

27- Being passionate and practical (+40); on expending money.

28- Making many good friends(+50); along with daily life events .

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