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Ten Ghosts In The Dark Room

What should “games” add to this medical blog? They may attract more people especially those who do not have medical background or interests. Of course, posting an interesting item for the public may not be an easy job, but the question always is how fine and useful that idea or post could be.

I got the idea of this “game” a couple of years ago and it seems now nice as a medical blog post. Indeed, computer games did give me here some inspiration. Now with some reflection, playing games may have healthy aspects other than spending a pleasant time. Let’s discover this view together.


Falling sick is usually a complicated process in the sense that more than one offending enemy may take part. The person should be quite healthy and fine as long as he/ she keeps open eyes and can take guard of those enemies adequately in time. Lacking appropriate response or being too slow may draw the person to risks, disease or even be life threatening.


Many players are expected to share in the game, but for necessity reasons a single player may also be practical.

Mode of the game

The mode is quite flexible where face masks, pictures or name cards can be used. Of course, game computerizing is also fine.


In the dark room there are always ten enemies (ghosts) but only one enemy can attack at a time. The player has to react adequately to attacking ghost within 3 seconds.


The player has a health credit of 100 at the beginning of the game. Losing 5-15 points means unnoticeable damage; 20-35 noticeable damage; and 40-50 serious damage and losing the game.

Ghosts (their damage potential); and how to defend

1- Physical exhaustion + (-5); no problem to feel so pretty tired.

2- Lonely feeling (-5); no company better than bad company.

3- Insidious thirst (-5); let’s have some tap water.

4- Insidious hunger (-5); one or two cokies better than nothing.

5- Physical exhaustion ++ (-10); I see I need some rest.

6- Insufficient water drinking (-10); drinking water is healthy.

7- Feeling superior (-10); I am afraid to hate myself equally.

8- Feeling deprived (-10); I know it is just a summer cloud.

9- Transient physical illness (-10); a light thing to appreciate your health.

10- Uncompromized bad experiences (-15); that was also for my profit.

11- Family troubles (-15); lucky for having that and not worse.

12- Transient physical illness ++ (-15); this should be good for my balance.

13- Being inferiorized (-15); old and useless tricks.

14- Being badly treated (-15); nobody harms you unless you give way, I am good anyway.

15- Negative feedback (-15); I do believe I can be better.

16- Reasoned fear (-20); time is best healer.

17- Chronic physical ilness +/- restrictions (-20); it can go thanks God.

18- Feeling inferior (-20); should I be once fair, I am great.

19- Being underestimated (-20); imagine if they knew who I would be.

20- Lack of hygiene (-25); little hygiene can do alot for a kind man.

21- Lack of sports (-25); regular or even occasional sports are best remedy.

22- Obcessive compulsive disorder OCD (-25); I heard once about this kind of disorder.

23- Unreasoned fear (-25); good experiences skip unreasoned fear.

24- Lack of envision (-25); think and know good inside is your title.

25- Lack of judgemnet (-25); any how not to lose your faith.

26- Materialistic attitude (-30); life is matter and secret.

27- Joblessness (-30); I am embassador for good intention.

28- Lack of entertainment (-30); how wonderful this world is and especially people.

29- Money troubles (-30); this is the easiest problem I would have.

30- Day dreams (-30); fine but where is my plan?

31- Professional problems (-35); please, be objective and active.

32- Hazy love thoughts (-35); wish to see light for serious and respectful love.

33- Emotional stagnation (-35); when should I say out this all to me?

34- Intellectual depression (-35); have a plan and make the best of your self.

35- Environmental disagreement (-40); I love natural beauty and natural passion.

36- Sexual bother (-40); this should not mean me.

37- Negative feelings: hate, revenge, jealous, etc. (-40); give this up, save yourself.

38- Social problems (-40); appreciate others and discover yourself.

39- Political problems (-50); a problem to forget.

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