in-the-point (poems and essays)

One day I was …

one day I was one cell,
who can tell:
I was nothing?
my life is a long way,
the start and the end as well;
both are puzzling..
my brain within its shell
like a boat in the sea
playing and struggling,
my feelings and my will
my desire and fantasy
my senses and gathering
the flower gives me shine and chi.
the color reflects its meaning on me.
the moon in the higher heaven in the dark
ceiling bestow good luck and the other sparks.
the light is a secret in itself,
but really merges from one’s self.
the tiger and zebra once again
show me the harmony of lust and pain.
that’s life, its loss and gain;
that’s life, its language and function;
my question, disease and suffer
and its clever answer

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