in-the-point (poems and essays)

Medical library

We all are familiar with the shapes and order of books along the years we spent at school. At this stage of school education we had almost no choice of the books we had to learn and, therefore, had to ignore any inconvenience we might find in reading and understanding the obligatory school books. In the university stage we will be more or less involved in choosing the books we need for our study courses; for each subject we may have many sources, from which every student can choose the ones that suit his/ her studying and personal abilities.

Here, one should know that any given good book should not suit every student or reader because there must be personal differences among all of us. For example, while some students may be interested in some qualities of the book like writing style, language grammar, typing mistakes, colored pictures, or other material qualities, other students are neither attracted nor troubled by such things. It is, therefore, a matter of time until every student knows which book will suit his/ her preferences and expectations.

The medical library is a quite interesting one. Here, one can find textbooks, color atlases, schematic drawings, case problems, question and answer books and student’s review books like MCQs (multiple choice questions). In addition, there are several medical journals that arise periodically and present letters, reviews and research articles with up-to-date knowledge in the relevant branch of medical sciences.

Please, be aware that every medical student and practicing physician needs time to grow and order his/ her academic and practical knowledge at the pace that characteristically suits his/ her needs and abilities. As physicians we should hope that everyone will enjoy learning and practicing to achieve his/ her best possible standard.

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