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In the valley of life

In the valley of life
And amazing lust
Of tongues and wonders
Of the wild forest
In my Earth;
Its air and dust
Its heat and frost
Its lie and truth
In the waters and the giant ocean
In the soup of life and the mystery motion
What’s first and what’s last?
What am I other than a guest?
In my race with myself;
My love and doubt
My fear and hope
My fate and sight
In the seek for love and the higher cost
Of time, passion and blind trust:
Shall it smile with wonderful gift
Or should I be lost?
In my short stay hurrying fast;
My sweet and fire
My reason and defect
My gain and waste

in-the-point (poems and essays)

Miracle of the handicapped

Our world doesn’t give every thing we wish for ourselves. Indeed, obstacles and cares are almost always there. Paying attention to one’s sincerity should provide a clue to the answer of this suffering. In other words, it’s as worthwhile to look for sentiments as for physical work. Bearing in mind that every person is somehow handicapped makes sincerity again a wish for every fairly doer. Consequently, the outcome of every effort is almost a generous reward for one’s good sentiments.

Why shouldn’t we shed tears if this would refine our feelings and enrich our spiritual recources? True tear shedding may be a promise of fulfilling a word and satisfying a feeling of necessity. For those passionate persons it means hope, love and achievement. Of course, one is not all the time willing or ready to weep, but this action requires certain prerequisites among which are physical fitness and self perception. In my opinion, a healthy and lucky person would need to shed tears even once monthly. In this context, weeping or tearing is a means of self renewal and emotional ventilation. Besides weeping, there are self criticism and nullification, cheerfulness and team-work adoption as a means to empower one’s capabilities.

Such philosophical analysis of man’s natural handicap may encourage a rather romantic life style and raise passion over prosperity. Meanwhile, we should recognize that passion is a supporter of all high values like fairness and productivity. This would be a passionate person in a right sense. Sometimes, sincerity does stand helpless when a general envision is damping, while instant physical impulses predominate the scene. This is quite a pit that would soon vanish at the first shine of light by virtue of the good intention and passionate behavior. This is a proof of the moral-physical interplay in our lives and that sincerity is the only hope for man to progress and advance.

in-the-point (poems and essays)

Transparent and worldly! How comes?

Life is a performance of naturally self recognizing elements in a wonderful harmony. Life could be defined as just Energy in a sense pattern. Tones and letters are therefore an aspect of our life. The perception of life or in other words life phenomena is very relative and varies even in the same creature from one moment to another, what points so finely to the belief in a perfect Creator to Whom all completeness and wisdom should be attributed. Frankly stands man on the top of all worldly creatures.

Man is by nature far from perfection and completeness. Anyhow, humans along their history showed fondness of refining their life style through better perception and interpretation of life to which they belong. They brought every scale into light in both matter and moral fields. Would we connect between human transparency and life perception? For the first look, me would answer ‘Yes’. Transparency in physics means the ability to see objects through a defined material like glass for example. It means in the human common sense the feature of being honest and faithful. My answer may be supported by the fact that very few scholars make our human knowledge what correlates well to the scanty share of transparency in our daily life.

Incredibly knowing that literal formation doesn’t necessarily confer transparency and that illiteracy may be more likely to preserve it. This is simply because scholastic achievements may not care of one’s transparency. An illiterate may have the chance to perceive life through an enlightened mind per se. How should we as life researchers bring more transparency into our handled data? Shall we pay attention to one’s mood and emotional state? Shall we tell about the personal or private challenges and inter-individual conflicts? Shall we change our scientific language in a way that makes all possible human shortage allowed and makes way to one’s feelings and instincts to try a certain scientific tool?

Transparency is an abstract that should fulfill everyone’s need!

in-the-point (poems and essays)

One day I was …

one day I was one cell,
who can tell:
I was nothing?
my life is a long way,
the start and the end as well;
both are puzzling..
my brain within its shell
like a boat in the sea
playing and struggling,
my feelings and my will
my desire and fantasy
my senses and gathering
the flower gives me shine and chi.
the color reflects its meaning on me.
the moon in the higher heaven in the dark
ceiling bestow good luck and the other sparks.
the light is a secret in itself,
but really merges from one’s self.
the tiger and zebra once again
show me the harmony of lust and pain.
that’s life, its loss and gain;
that’s life, its language and function;
my question, disease and suffer
and its clever answer
in-the-point (poems and essays)

Medical library

We all are familiar with the shapes and order of books along the years we spent at school. At this stage of school education we had almost no choice of the books we had to learn and, therefore, had to ignore any inconvenience we might find in reading and understanding the obligatory school books. In the university stage we will be more or less involved in choosing the books we need for our study courses; for each subject we may have many sources, from which every student can choose the ones that suit his/ her studying and personal abilities.

Here, one should know that any given good book should not suit every student or reader because there must be personal differences among all of us. For example, while some students may be interested in some qualities of the book like writing style, language grammar, typing mistakes, colored pictures, or other material qualities, other students are neither attracted nor troubled by such things. It is, therefore, a matter of time until every student knows which book will suit his/ her preferences and expectations.

The medical library is a quite interesting one. Here, one can find textbooks, color atlases, schematic drawings, case problems, question and answer books and student’s review books like MCQs (multiple choice questions). In addition, there are several medical journals that arise periodically and present letters, reviews and research articles with up-to-date knowledge in the relevant branch of medical sciences.

Please, be aware that every medical student and practicing physician needs time to grow and order his/ her academic and practical knowledge at the pace that characteristically suits his/ her needs and abilities. As physicians we should hope that everyone will enjoy learning and practicing to achieve his/ her best possible standard.